Time for bed, sleepyhead

I’m not usually into youtube videos, but this one I just couldn’t resist.

Seriously, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, props to the parents for getting it down on tape. They probably waited for hours with the video cam on standby. Sure, the poor kid’s disproportionately-capacious noggin helps to propel it in all directions, but for this masterpiece to take place, all the stars have to align.

But the real stroke of genius has to be the brother/sister’s (see, androgynous is all the rage) complete nonchalance. Then again, if it was my kid, I’d have given him a good and proper smack to the head, before making a quick getaway to the bathroom to roll on the floor laughing.

I’ve been trying to get Tru to reenact the scene for my own viewing pleasure. Which involves tiring him out past the point of exhaustion but I’ve got a fighter on my hands. If I don’t restrain him in a straightjacket and pin him down in his cot, he’d play all the time and never sleep.

And he obviously didn’t get that from me. As far as I’m concerned, sleep is a luxury. The more, the better. I haven’t had decent sleep for 10 months now, and sometimes, I just want to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart so I can catch my forty winks.

More than once, I’ve dozed off in the living room only to wake up with a start and find him systematically ingesting all the stuff in the house. I’m willing to wager that a goat would do less damage than him.

One day, I’m just gonna go all Clockwork Orange on him and make him watch the clip on loop till it sinks in.

Go to sleep… Go to sleep… Go to sleep…


2 responses to “Time for bed, sleepyhead

  1. I’m enjoying your BLOG tremendously, keep on writing!

    • Awesome, proves it’s not just a chick blog. MEN LOVE IT TOO! Good to get in touch with your feminine side once in a while.

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