The Name Game

I’m having a massive dilemma, so much so that I’m grabbing my head while meditating on the floor (lotus position, say ohm…) as I type. I was so sure that Kirsten was THE CHOSEN NAME for my little munchkin. But something has been troubling me of late, and I will have no rest till I come to terms with it.

Well, so it’s like this. I’ve been infatuated many times in my life, and fallen so head-over-heels in love that my head spins and I can barely catch my breath. But I’ve never felt like this before. I am completely besotted with the deep-badass goddess of fug that is TILDA SWINTON (trust me, you WANT to click on the link). She brings me unspeakable joy and makes my life complete. May she live forever.

And to pay homage to her genius, I’m willing to offer one of my offspring to be named after her greatness, in hope that a sliver of her brilliance will be somehow passed on to my baby girl.

Therein lies my dilemma. Much as I love how Kirsten Kao sounds, TILDA KAO would kick its pretty little ass out of this galaxy. Think of all the goodness that lies in the name.

First, I’ve got the cheesy sibling alliteration name thing going. They will all have names beginning with ‘T’. Truett, Tilda, Travis, Trent, Tristan. I’ll have my own little terrific tribe of tiny tots. Everyone will be so envious.

I’ve also googled the meaning for Tilda, and it totally rocks. It means “Mighty in Battle”. What could be better than having my own warrior princess? Her battle cries alone will give Tru a run for his money.

Best of all, it’s not your usual Jane or Mary. (disclaimer so I don’t get hate mail: those are very pretty names) Nobody in her school (no, make it life) will be called Tilda, so she’ll grow up with a unique personality. She’ll never have to deal with just being another face in the crowd.

So I’m really torn. Should I stick with the safe and go with Kirsten, or jump off the deep end and follow my heart to go with Tilda? I’m leaning towards the latter.

Oh, but there’s just one teensy, weensy pickle. “Tilda Kao(s) come home” would be mildly amusing.


7 responses to “The Name Game

  1. “Tilda Kao(s) come home” is just too funny!!
    My vote, for what its worth, is for Kirsten. =)
    Good luck, babe.

  2. There’s nothing wrong to name your child the very name you felt comfy and pleased. After all, even if she is name Kirsten, it might not be everyone cup of teas, so why not go wth your gut to name her according to your best interest. Mum knows best and beauty is in the beholder of the eyes.

  3. Tilda is a really good name! I’m going to call her that when I do get to see your baby 🙂
    ah…. oh well, you’re the mummy and whatever you name her, she’ll love it anyway.

  4. Unknown Caller

    Wow lots of sympathy points here for what is basically an incomplete name (where’s the ‘ma’ in -tilda?)

    Anyhow, something tells me that someone wields veto power over this entire saga and “tilda” day comes where he hates children particulary his own, its gonna be Kirsten for now.

    • NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE GENIUS OF TILDA SWINTON. BUT I DO. ALL HAIL TILDA. (And do not insult the name by adding random syllables)

  5. how about Kristen Tilda Kao then? Nothing wrong with two first names =)

    • excellent idea, and I can call her KT Kao for short, which also sounds like Katie Kao. So effectively, I can rotate 3 names.

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