Best thing about being a mom…

1. Morning Madness

I’m not a morning person. Most days, I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck and I’m reeling from the aftershock. My son feels differently about mornings. It’s always like the Fourth of July and he’s a one-man marching band. He’ll raise a ruckus until one of us wakes from our stupor and he’ll flash the biggest grin of his life.

2. Snuggles Unlimited

Fess up, how often have you seen a really cute baby and have the urge to smother the poor kid with cuddles and kisses? (I also sometimes have the urge to sink my teeth into those juicy, succulent thighs) Once, my overly enthusiastic displays of affection got noticed by the mother and there was this embarrassing, awkward moment I’d prefer not have again. Now, I’ve got my own kid to squeeze and snuggle all I want.

*evil laughter*

3. Dress-up Barbie

I was never really a doll person. It’s the eyes that really give me the heebie jeebies, especially those that can open and close on its own accord. The only fun part about playing with dolls is the dressing-up. You get to customize different outfits for different occasions and there’s something incredibly irresistible about tiny clothes. They’re just so small and cute. Some days, I dress Tru up in the most outrageous costumes and voila! I’ve got Fashion Week in my living room.

Just wait till Kirsten is born.

4. Baby Giggles

Adult giggles can get a tad creepy at times, but baby giggles are always infectious. (especially the sleepy ones) There’s nothing like manufacturing a giggling fit when life gets too trying.

5. My very own Mini-Me





Nuff said.


2 responses to “Best thing about being a mom…

  1. Unknown Caller

    I assumed when you said you were a mother that you would be female as well.

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