Must Love Dogs

For some strange reason, Tru seems to LOVE dogs. And I never quite understood why. Every time he sees a dog, big or small, he’ll want to go pat and hug them. Which is translated into: he’ll yank their fur and smack them on the nose, but I’m pretty sure it’s his way of showing affection. (I should know, I’ve got battle scars to show for it)

Except that my mom’s got this 6-year-old West Highland Terrier, Mickey, who is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms and babies. So I’ll watch this classic case of unrequited love replay itself over and over again.

Scene 1:

Enters Mickey.

Tru grins and starts to crawl towards him. “Watachar katatechj”

(Muahaha! Fur-grabbing time)

Mickey growls and walks away, muttering “Grrrr, grrrrr, grrrrr”


Tru follows closely behind.


It’s tragic, I know. Until one dark and stormy afternoon, love suddenly blossoms.

*Cue cheesy music*

Apparently, between the two evils, the storm is way more terrifying, so Mickey turns to Tru for comfort. As the lightning cracked outside the window, his life flashed before his eyes and he realized that the love of his life was right there all along.

*More cheesy music*

Like every other love story, it ends with Tru and Mickey snuggling in bed and falling asleep. And they live happily every after.


The End


2 responses to “Must Love Dogs

  1. hey… mickey seems to be losing his fur. Or is it the camera? i can see abit of his skin man.. must be the work of your brilliant little one. So when’s my dog’s turn to play with tru?

    • Yes, poor mickey is going through a rough patch (pun intended). We’re trying to collect his fur to make a tiny coat for Tru. I hear its even better than mink.

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