Vacuum Kid – New and Improved

I came across this kid on Ellen who really loves vacuum cleaners. He’s got 10 different vacuums at home and he’s in tune with all the leading brands in the market.

I mean, he’s cute and loves to clean. What’s not to like?

I showed this clip to my boy and being the overachiever that he is, he’s taken it to a whole new level altogether.

Me: Tru, check out this boy on Ellen. He loves vacuums. That’s so cute!

Tru: Waradsto feagast staorsf dirst (Big deal, he just likes vacuums. I can actually vacuum)

After this conversation transpired, he’s taken to replacing my Karcher A1000. You heard me. He’s been crawling around the house picking at dirt and eating it. I usually start by placing him in my living room and within 15 minutes, he’d have worked his way into the bedrooms and the kitchen.

It’s incredible, he’s even more advanced that the flipit. While it only vacuums dry and wet, Tru also vacuums dead or alive. Dust, puddles, ants, flying bugs and roaches, they all disappear like magic.

Most vacuums can at best do a functional job of cleaning the carpets. Not so with the new and improved version. He really gets into the carpets and digs out all the stubborn specks of dirt trapped in between the tiny fibers. Best of all, you don’t have the hassle of having to locate a power point or changing the dust bag.

Alright, so once in a while, he’ll be hacking away like a cat choking on a hairball, but it’s nothing a few solid pats on the back won’t solve.

I’m thinking of putting him on the market to see if it takes off. (Hey, college education doesn’t get paid for by itself)

Who knows, he might do one better and get featured on Oprah.


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